My Minor Contribution to the Planned Parenthood Discussion

Do you think Planned Parenthood should be investigated? For, you know, trafficking human parts?‎ Of, course: Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood‬! Recently, I did a five-part show on the current Planned Parenthood scandals: I interviewed Dave Everett, who runs the Choices Pregnancy Centers in Phoenix. CPC offers real help and shows true compassion to families facing (what they view as) crisis pregnancies. What a great contrast to PP. The broadcast turned out great and – if I do say so myself – it pretty powerful. I pray it can make an impact.

No one should try to justify this behavior and these practices. Sadly, many people are doing just that. to those that do, I wonder: did they actually watch the videos? For example, at the worse part in the second video, the doc said we can discuss using an abortion technique that is “less crunchy” to get more parts intact. Honestly, if I was somehow inclined to make a defense of the chop-shop that is Planned Parenthood, I would be so ashamed I probably wouldn’t even let anyone know. It’s unthinkable. How can butchering, harvesting and then selling humans be morally acceptable?

A while ago, I talked about PP and its practices with Jason Walsh of Arizona Right to Life discussing the real truth about Here is the link to that show.

You know how the trick works: they up ship – donate it but charge a certain amount – based in the body part – for shipping costs. It’s a wicked shell game. It’s illegal to alter the way you perform an abortion for the sake of salvaging certain body parts. But that’s EXACTLY what they discuss doing in the videos – as a regular practice. It’s just tissue – then why are we harvesting their organs? Simple: because they are little humans with little body parts, like hearts, livers, kidneys, lungs and brains. Contra my abortion advocate friends on Facebook, the body parts language is scientific: it’s based on human anatomy and basic biology. In fact, it’s the language that PP used in the video itself.

Speaking of that, the fourth Planned Parenthood‬ video may be the toughest to watch yet – Planned Parenthood‬ sorting baby parts – what is wrong with us? Still, you should really watch the fourth video. They talk about specific body parts – including brains “falling out” – and they even say, it’s a baby and it’s a boy. Watch it 

I was also on Apologia Radio to discuss the PP scandal right when it broke. It was a good one, full of Star Wars and applied theology, too –


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